#1, Wall Series, 2019, Metal, Branch,  Photo by Rien Schellemans

Into The BluePerformance at Space Resonance, Martin van Blerk Gallery, 2019, Metal, Tree-bark, Photo by Casper Fitzue

The Propeller, part of performance at KunST+, To Be Antwerp, 2018, metal, tree-bark, photo by Els Alénis

Looking Far Ahead

Looking Far Ahead, in situ work at the Antwerp Art Pavilion for The Old Up & Down exhibition,  2018

A Primitive Holding Two Sticks

A Primitive Holding Two Sticks, 2018, metal, wood

In The Forest, 2018, metal, wood, paint

Blue Lines, 2018, metal, wood, paint


Spit-sculpture, 2018, metal, rope

In The Field, 2017, metal, laque

Two Soft Blues

Two Soft Blues, 2017, metal, laque


U-form, 2017, metal, laque

Untitled, 2017, metal

Atelier at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, 2016, clay, ceramic, metal, plaster, wood, laque, cardboard, paper, fabric