Bamboo #1, Wall Series, 

All About Stacking, Eva Steynen.Deviation(s), 2019, Metal, Bamboo, Ph. by Eva Steynen


Performance at PKP19, 

ArtYard, Pukkelpop, 2019, Metal, Wood, Musician: Oonark Claes, Photo by Aline Winters


Cracklers, Grawlers & Bursters, CIAP, Hasselt, 2019, Metal, Branch, Ph. by Michiel De Cleene

Untitled, Kunstenfestival Aardenburg, 2019, Metal, Treebark, Photo by Lukas Claessens

Spine, 2019, Metal, Bamboo, Photo by Lukas Claessens

Bamboo PilarsPerformance at Claptrap, 2019, Metal, Bamboo, Klara Dolhain, Piotr Kosakiewicz, Video by Casper Fitzue

#1, Wall Series, PHP 4 2019, Metal, Branch,  Photo by Rien Schellemans

Into The BluePerformance at Space Resonance, Martin van Blerk Gallery, 2019, Metal, Tree-bark, Photo by Casper Fitzue

The Propeller, part of performance at KunST+, To Be Antwerp, 2018, metal, tree-bark, photo by Els Alénis

Looking Far Ahead

Looking Far Ahead, in situ work at the Antwerp Art Pavilion for The Old Up & Down exhibition,  2018

A Primitive Holding Two Sticks

A Primitive Holding Two Sticks, 2018, metal, wood

In The Forest, 2018, metal, wood, paint

Blue Lines, 2018, metal, wood, paint


Spit-sculpture, 2018, metal, rope

In The Field, 2017, metal, laque

Two Soft Blues

Two Soft Blues, 2017, metal, laque


U-form, 2017, metal, laque

Untitled, 2017, metal

Atelier at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, 2016, clay, ceramic, metal, plaster, wood, laque, cardboard, paper, fabric